Cost of living in Coppell

Coppell is an exceptionally livable city with many job opportunities due to job growth and easy access to all other communities. Its survey considers high income per capita, sunny weather, low crime rates and high graduation rates. The population is 40,000. The median income is more than 109,000$, and the median home price is about 328,000$.

Many homes in Coppell have a classic look. It means that most of them are Craftsman style homes, built in the last century. There are also Mediterranean style homes, built of stone and woods. They are usually higher priced than loft style condos or townhomes. Renting in Coppell is higher than in some other Dallas neighborhoods, but this is the price you have to pay for a good location and excellent schools.

Learn more about Coppell

You want to live in a beautiful, quiet suburb, but not far away from a big city. You also think about the lower cost of living, while you are searching for your ideal place to move on. Your choice is then the right one.

Coppell’s location between two lakes offers its residents hiking trails, fishing spots, outdoor concerts and many recreational activities. Coppell is a small-knit community with a strong community spirit. It has a bit of a small town vibe because after a while spent there, you have a feeling that everybody knows everybody. You may always run into somebody you know. Its residents are really warm and welcoming. It is a nice, quiet and safe place to live.

The town is also well-known for its sports teams, a marching band, and an active farmers’ market.

The school district in Coppell is highly rated. There are 18 public and private schools in Coppell. Top rated schools are Lakeside Elementary School, Mockingbird Elementary School, Austin Elementary School and Coppell Middle West. They are all public schools. Some successful private schools are Primrose School of Coppell, The Hearing School of the Southwest and many others.

In case you need some advice about a good place with delicious food to have dinner, you will have a variety of options. Some of the great restaurants in Coppell are Hard Eight BBQ, a vegetarian-friendly restaurant Anamia’s, Little Greek Fresh Grill and many others.

Have some fun in Coppell

When people look for fun and outdoor activities in Coppell, the town has much to offer. Everybody, who lives there, would recommend you Coppell Nature Park. It is a perfect place for a relaxing walk, studying in nature, for bird watch and exploration. The nature trails are hilly, so you may expect an intense hiking, but thanks to that you can exercise in nature if you want to be fit.

High Stone Reflexology is another thing to do if you like a relaxing massage. Here you can experience the group massage which may sound a little strange, but many people enjoy it.

The next spot, popular according to many people, is Riverchase Golf Club. The place is peaceful, full of geese, ducks, and birds. Lakes and ponds around it make the golf course look beautiful. The only problem could be the lack of trees, so you must consider the strength of the wind when you play golf there.

You may want to check out kayaking, so go on an adventure with The Trinity River Kayak Company. Plan a few hours of kayaking with the experienced staff, which will teach you everything along the way. It could be a thrilling experience, and you don’t need to worry, you are safe with their crew next to you.


Moving to Coppell

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