About Duncanville – Family friendly town

Even though Duncanville is a small town, people who live in it are usually lovers of nature and outdoor sports. No wonder then that Duncanville has three walking trails, 17 city parks and so many other spaces for individual and team sports. The town is well-connected to the other cities since US Route 67 runs through the eastern area of Duncanville whereas Interstate 20 passes through the northern portion of the town. Duncanville is served by the Duncanville Independent School District, and this is a great place for families, people with both younger and high-school children. Not only is the town’s High School Campus largest in Texas, but it is the biggest in the entire nation. Physically, it is the largest in the whole world, making this a wonderful place for high-school students.

Things to do in Duncanville

Duncanville is located just minutes from downtown Dallas, and about 20 minutes from Fort Worth, making it a totally secluded place and from here, you can instantly access attractions and business. Duncanville has a lot to offer, from spending your day peacefully at the part, to shopping along Main Street or grabbing a tasty dish at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. Once you are situated in Duncanville, you can go to the Duncanville Community Theater and enjoy live shows or movies, but if you are a sportsperson, you might want to go to Duncanville Fieldhouse which is a home to a wide array of world-class sports.

We don’t want to reveal everything to you about Duncanville, but we simply cannot skip the Joe Pool Lake which unites the people from all across the state. You can do a lot of things at this beautiful place such as bird watching, fishing, jet skiing, or simply gather your friends and take them to a nice barbecue or picnic.

The Museum of International Cultures is yet another unique facility you must not avoid because it is the only one of its kind in Texas. It shows contemporary art and focuses on people and their challenges as well as communities in remote areas of the world.

Neighborhoods to think about when moving to Duncanville

Finding a suitable neighborhood is equally important as scheduling trusted local movers. That is why we want to present to you a few neighborhoods that are worth checking


River Oaks – What shapes the character of this neighborhood is a large number of government workers who are living here. The River Oaks is one of the safest areas to live in, whereas besides English, you will hear the Spanish language spoken by the people with the Mexican ancestry.

City Center – Duncanville City Center neighborhood is home to people with lower-middle income, and this area is below average income neighborhood with most of the employees working in manufacturing and laborer occupations. Here, you can hear 49.6% of people speaking Spanish and 47.5% English language.

Woodland Hills – It is a suburban area in Duncanville, and interestingly enough, this territory is a home to a high concentration of divorcees living here. It is a moderate-income neighborhood with most of the people employed in the executive, management sector.


Moving to Duncanville

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