About Lancaster

You have chosen Lancaster as your new home, and you have probably done some research about the town, people living in it, interesting places, job offers, weather and everything else. However, we wanted to make this easier for you, so we acquired some information about Lancaster that you might find useful.

Lancaster is a small town with 38,453 residents living in it, and it was established back in 1852 as the frontier post. It is situated within the Blackland Prairie region of Texas with the total area of 30.35 square miles. The climate zone in Lancaster is humid subtropical characterized by hot and humid summers and mild and cool winters. There are several attractions which make this city stand out from the rest.

What to do in Lancaster?

The first and the biggest attraction in Lancaster is the Visitor’s Center and State Auxiliary Museum. It was founded in 1911, and it was formerly known as the Interurban Building, as this facility has welcomed new business associates and visitors for more than 100 years. On the other hand, Lancaster’ Historic Town Square is the city’s motor and heart. It has that historic charm which makes it a perfect place for shopping, or simply walking around with your family and friends. Also, what Lancaster has and the other towns are lacking is the Golf Course. So, if you enjoy this elegant sport, this may be the right place for you and your loved ones.

Neighborhoods of Lancaster

Have you considered which neighborhood in Lancaster suits you best? If not, here are some of the few just for you to get a glimpse.

N Dallas Ave / W Wintergreen Rd – When it comes to the income, this neighborhood is a moderate one, and about a third of the population here are working in manufacturing jobs. The second largest group of people is the one employed in tech support and assistant occupations, while about 85% of the residents own their private cars which they use to go to work.

Bonnie View Rd / Telephone Rd – This area has a lot of people who have African or Jamaican ancestry and just like the previously mentioned neighborhood, this is also an average one regarding income. Since there are not big businesses here or in Lancaster in general, the people spend between 30 and 45 minutes commuting to work which is higher than average.

Bear Creek Rd / S Houston School Rd – Houses in this area are usually of a medium size or large, and most of the real estate is owner occupied. This area is the safest one in town and it has the lowest vacancy rate in the United States of America. Also, wealthier people live here than in the other parts of Lancaster, and individuals in this neighborhood spend only more than 15 minutes commuting to work which is shorter than the average.


Moving to Lancaster

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