Moving a home or an office is usually quite a challenge, especially if this is the first time you are moving. Having someone with a lot of experience to help you will make the whole moving process a lot easier and more relaxed for you.

Our Lewisville movers are professionals with at least a few years of experience on the field and are always ready for a new challenge and a new move! Here is everything you need to know about our reliable movers in Lewisville before making a reservation!

How To Get A Quote At Our Lewisville Movers In Just A Few Easy Steps

Getting a quote is a very important task when it comes to organizing your move, because it will have a big impact on deciding whether you want to hire particular movers in Lewisville or not. 

Now, getting a quote at our Lewisville movers is not only very easy, but it is also completely FREE and NON-OBLIGATORY. Getting your personalized quote will not cost you any money and you will not be obliged to hire our movers in Lewisville just  because you requested a quote. Sounds great, right?

Now, there are a few different ways to request a moving quote at our reputable Lewisville movers:

  • Via The Form On Our Website

Once you visit our Dallas Movers Pro website, you will see a form for getting a moving quote. This form is designed to be very easy and simple for our clients and all you need to do is fill out the blank spaces with your personal information. After filling out a form, you can expect to receive your quote in a very short notice.

  • Sending Our Lewisville Movers An Email

One of the ways our movers in Lewisville communicate with all the clients is definitely via email. Our email address is and you can freely write to us and ask for your moving quote. Our experienced moving experts will send you a reply and provide you all the information you were interested in.

  • Calling Our Lewisville Movers Over The Phone

If you wish to hear directly from our Lewisville movers and ask about all the details you are interested in, all you need to do is dial the number (214) 310-1394 during our working hours. Our moving agents are always eager to help out the clients so you should not hesitate for a minute before calling us!

Now, once you reach our Lewisville movers, you will need to provide us the following information in order to get the most accurate moving quote: move size (number of bedrooms & approximate SQFT of your home), complete list of items in case you are moving an office, zip codes of the pickup and delivery locations, whether there are any stair, whether there are any extra heavy or special Items, any time restrictions we should know about etc.

Once we get all the necessary information, we will be able to send you a quote faster than you have hoped!

Moving With Our Reliable Movers In Lewisville Will Win You Some Amazing Discounts

Now, besides offering a great moving and packing service to all of our clients, our movers in Lewisville also offer some amazing discounts and benefits to all who wish to move with us.

If you decide to give our Lewisville movers a chance, you will get the offer of having your precious belongings packed FOR FREE.

That is right, our reliable and motivated movers in Lewisville offer a free packing service to everyone who is interested.

In fact, there are two options you could go for if you decide to ask for our free packing assistance. In case you ask for a partial packing service, our Lewisville movers will pack your kitchen and your wardrobe, and if you ask for a full packing service, our Lewisville movers will pack your entire inventory. 

Our Lewisville movers only charge for packing supplies they need to use in order to safely pack your belongings and are charging per item used. If you have some packing supplies on your own though, our packers and movers in Lewisville will be more than happy to use them.

How Do Our Movers In Lewisville Usually Charge?

When it comes to the way of charging, it can very often vary depending on the moving company in Lewisville you are working with and the type of your move. Our Lewisville movers will be charging either hourly or will give you a flat rate depending on the type of your move.

If you are moving locally, meaning within 100 miles, our movers in Lewisville will definitely be charging hourly. Also, you should know that we have a 3 hour minimum  charge. It helps us finish everything on time, but without rushing too much.

On the other hand, if you are moving long distance, our Lewisville movers will give you a flat rate that will mostly depend on the size of your inventory,  services you are requiring, the distance between locations etc.

If you have some more questions you would like to ask our movers in Lewisville, feel free to contact us and ask anything you like!

Living In Lewisville, Tx

Lewisville is a city located mainly in Denton County, but with a small part in Dallas County, Texas, US. The city is considered to be one of the 30 largest cities in Texas and it currently counts around 112,944 residents.

Lewisville is known for its suburban, yet dynamic vibe, that will simply make you fall in love with the city. 

With a great school system and many job opportunities, Lewisville is definitely a great choice for both people moving with their families and single professionals looking for new career chances.

The Cost Of Living In Lewisville, Tx

The cost of living in a certain city is definitely one of the things you should pay attention to when thinking about moving to that place and we are here to tell you a few things about the cost of living in Lewisville, Tx.

The median home price in Lewisville, Tx, is noted to be around $430,000 according to the latest statistics, while the median rent is somewhere around $1,564.

A median income for a household in this incredible city is around $67,026, while it is around $35,685 for an individual.

Move Your Apartment Fast And Efficiently With Our Apartment Movers in Lewisville

Our movers in Lewisville are without a doubt the best and most reputable apartment moving company near you. Our apartment movers are highly skillful professionals especially trained to move your apartment fast and efficiently. 

Our apartment movers in Lewisville have all the packing supplies necessary for protecting, wrapping and packing your precious belongings and all the necessary tools and equipment for disassembling and reassembling your furniture. We guarantee that your move will be a stressless and enjoyable experience with the help of our Lewisville movers.

Moving An Office Is Easy When Moving With Our Movers In Lewisville

Are you preparing for an office move and are looking for some really reliable and experienced office movers in Lewisville to help you move your office more efficiently and faster? Well, our Lewisville movers are experienced office movers and are offering all their services to you.

Besides incredible teams of trained and experienced movers in Lewisville, we also have the best moving trucks, packing supplies and tools required for providing you with a safe and efficient move. If you need a team of high quality professionals to help you move your office, just call our office movers in Lewisville!

Our Piano Movers In Lewisville Will Help You Move Your Instrument Safely

If you have a piano at home, we know just how important this instrument must be for you and that you want to take it to your new home as safely as possible. Our movers in Lewisville are very experienced and will help you move your piano efficiently, safely and quickly!

Still, we would like to mention that we only move upright pianos that are located on the ground floor, since we want to make sure that everything will go perfectly fine and your instrument will arrive safely at the destination.

Our Lewisville Movers Are The Best Furniture Movers Near You 

We know exactly how sensitive furniture can be during the move and we want to make moving it as easy as possible for you. Our movers in Lewisville are very skillful when it comes to moving furniture and will help you have the best moving experience!

Not only do we have the best equipment and tools necessary for disassembling your furniture, but we are also very experienced in moving even the heaviest pieces of furniture (such as big and heavy sofas for example). We can guarantee that your furniture is in good hands with our Lewisville movers!