About Richardson

Before you start planning your local relocation, let us tell you a bit more about Richardson. As you already know, Richardson, a principal city in Dallas has a lot to offer. Richardson is an inner suburb of Dallas and the home of The University of Texas at Dallas as well as the Telecom Corridor and other major telecommunications companies. Richardson in general is an interesting city to live and if you are looking for a job, you might consider moving here. The reason we say that is because Richardson hosts a lot of big companies including State Farm Insurance, AT&T Inc., Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, GEICO etc.

When it comes to the transportation, Richardson benefits from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Light Rail line.

Neighborhoods to consider when it comes to moving in Richardson

Richardson has a lot to offer, that is why we created a list of a few great neighborhoods you should consider.

N Floyd RD / W Arapaho Rd. In most communities, you can see old, new and derelict buildings, homes from different periods, but this area stands out because all residential real estates were built between 1940 and 1969. This neighborhood often coincides with Baby Boomers who grew up in these homes. This is one of the wealthiest areas in Richardson and if you are a manager, executive or some director and you can afford to live luxuriously, this is the area you should consider.

N Jupiter Rd / E Campbell Rd. This is another wealthier area which is a home of many educated people, executives and company heads who often chose to live here when they retire. Besides white-collar workers, this neighborhood is perfect for families with school-aged kids, or college students. It is interesting to mention that there are citizens in this area with Iranian ancestry and most of them speak Persian.

City Center. In this neighborhood, you will find that almost half of its population works in management and large enterprises, but there are a lot of people who are in service jobs, from sales accounts to working in fast food restaurants. You will hear different languages here from English to Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. Most of the residents here are driving private automobiles, while others walk, or take a bus or a train.

Overall, the climate in Richardson is usually hot with humid summers and mild to cold winters.

Things to do in Richardson

First thing we should mention is that there are many parks in the Richardson area, that makes it an amazing place for those who love spending their time outdoors. Cottonwood Park is an ideal place to spend a sunny afternoon in Richardson. The park is known for its delightful duck pond and feeding the avians is allowed, so make sure to take some bread if you want to interact with these cute aquatic residents. Cottonwood Park is also famous for hosting a number of art festivals throughout the year, so make sure that you look out for local listings of what’s on when you are in town so that you don’t miss any of the fun. For those who enjoy photography, Prairie Creek Park is the place to come. Measuring in at close to 40 acres, it may not be the largest park in town, but it is known for its scenic landscapes and colorful displays of flowers and plants. Another reason that many locals and budding photographers come here is down to the waterfall that takes pride of place in the center of the park. Heights Family Aquatic Center is the perfect place for a family day out. The center here has a variety of swimming pools to choose from so there will be something to suit everyone. These include a leisure pool if you want some rest and relaxation, as well as slides and pool toys if you are looking for something a bit more adventuresome. For younger visitors there are kids’ pools and even a tot pool for toddlers to enjoy.

It might seem a little bit unusual, but there is a Chinatown in the middle of Texas! The Chinatown here features a shopping area that is decorated as a local temple and which features authentic Chinese restaurants, shops, and even an Asian supermarket if you enjoy preparing Chinese food.

For those who enjoy watching and riding nice cars, there is the North Texas Automotive Museum. The city is known for its automobile industry so it is no surprise that locals here enjoy all things automotive related. The showroom here features a range of unique automobiles and classic cars, and you can get up close with the collections as the museum has a personal feel and interactive approach.


Moving to Richardson

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