About Richland Hills

Richland Hills is the smallest town and the suburb of Fort Worth with only 8,041 residents. Just based on this, we can say that this community is pretty peaceful and safe and it is perfect for seniors as well as families with children. However, teenagers and adults may find it boring here, but there are special events organized now and then in the city. North Richland Hills and Haltom City are located two and three miles away respectively.

Transportation in Richland Hills

The good thing about Richland Hills is that there are three highways which pass through the city – Texas State Highway 183, Texas State Highway 121 and Texas State Highway 26 – which means that you are well connected to the other areas near Fort Worth and Dallas and you can go to any place quickly. Furthermore, the city of Richland Hills is served by Mobility Impaired Transportation Service (MITS) and the Richland Hills Station on the Trinity Railway Express commuter rail line.

Education in Richland Hills

Birdville Independent School District is the most important in Richland Hills whereas the southern part is under the jurisdiction of Fort Worth Independent School District. Your children can enroll in both elementary and middle schools in Richland Hills, but there is no high school in the city, so they will have to go either to North Richland Hills or Haltom City.

Things to do in Richland Hills

There are four parks in the city. The first one we would like to mention is Creek Trail Park which covers 4.7 acres, and it has walking trails, a playground, picnic tables, park benches and barbecue grills. Also, one of the most beautiful parks in the area is Rosebud Park with playground equipment, basketball courts, sand volleyball court, baseball diamond, walking trail and barbecue pits. This is a perfect place for recreation. There are two smaller parks – Kate Baker Park and Windmill Park ideal for parents with children. There are also multiple swimming pools. If you have kids, they will just love the Adventure World.

Don’t forget to check out one of many great restaurants in the area.

If you love animals, don’t miss going to Southfork Park. You can enjoy amazing nature, take pictures with horses and just relax with your family.


Moving to Richland Hills

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