About White Settlement

White Settlement is a small city, and the suburb of Fort Worth and the population is 16,896. We cannot continue to talk about this town before we explain its name. The name of White Settlement dates back when there were two places in the area one of which was occupied by Native Americans and the other by white settlers. The latter received the name White Settlement so that it would be distinguished from the Native American settlement. Over the years, two places merged and in 2005 the citizens voted whether to keep the name of the city or change it. Welcome to White Settlement.

Education in White Settlement

The entire city is served by White Settlement Independent School District. Some of the schools that you can find in the city are Brewer Middle School, Liberty Elementary, West Elementary and Fine Arts Academy. Furthermore, there is Raymond Park in White Settlement where you can relax and bring your kids with you to play outside.

Generally, life in White Settlement is peaceful, and if you are looking to get away from the city turmoil, this place might be a great location for your new home. We would also like to mention the White Settlement Historical Museum which you can visit Tuesday through Saturday.

Small town with many things to do

Even though it is a small town, there are plenty of activities organized every year. Activities include Volleyball Summer League and Softball for adults and a variety of activities for the young. If you are a skater, you would be happy to know that there is the WSX Skate Park in White Settlement which was opened at Central Park in 2005. So, if you have skateboards, roller blades, non-motorized scooters and caster boards, you are welcomed to come here. If, however, you prefer sports with a ball, next to this park are basketball courts.

If you enjoy living in a small town and still being able to do things for fun, White Settlement might be a place for you.


Moving to White Settlement

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