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When to pay the movers?

Most of the furniture movers are charging for their services at the end of the move. The reason for that is because local movers are charging the hourly rates and they need to see how much time they will spend for your move. Once everything is done, you will get your receipt. In case your movers are charging a flat rate, they might charge you before your move is over.

Can movers move guns?

This is definitely something that most of the local movers would rather avoid because it is very unsafe and safety comes first when it comes to your move. Every local furniture movers will advise you to move guns by yourself. They can move a gun safely within their weight limits, but only if it's empty.

Will movers move Ikea furniture?

Hereu2019s the thing with Ikea furniture, it is light, but once it is disassembled, the quality is just not the same. That is why most professional movers would rather avoid disassembly and reassembly, but if it can be safely moved in one piece, that they will move it for sure.

Why tip movers?

First of all, you are not obligated to tip the movers, but tipping became a part of our culture, that is why it is kinda expected as a nice gesture. Especially when someone performed a hard physical work for you. When it comes to how much to tip the movers, it is completely up to you.

Where to find movers?

The most simple way is to get a referral from someone who moved recently, but if that is not the case, you will have to use an internet search to find furniture movers for your upcoming move. So type u2018movers near meu2019 or u2018furniture movers near meu2019 or even something more specific if your move is somehow specific. After that start your research and start calling a bunch of companies. You should check their rates, services and additional fees and make a decision at the end of the day.

How do movers pack clothes?

When it comes to hanging clothes, your local movers will bring wardrobe boxes that are free to use during your move. Your foldable clothes should be packed in the regular moving boxes whether your moving company is performing packing for you or not. In case you have packers and movers, they will do this for you.

What if movers break something?

Number one advice is to hire a licensed and insured local movers for your upcoming relocation. So if your movers break something, they are liable and their customer support department will find a solution for your problem. Unfortunately there are many unlicensed local moving companies, so you have to be careful when booking your professional movers.

Movers who pack for you?

Every professional local moving company can offer you packing assistance for your relocation. You just need to request it additionally, because it is usually not a part of a standard service that local movers are offering.

Are movers cheaper on weekdays?

Prices that moving companies are offering might depend on a part of a year and sometimes even weekdays or weekends. In case your moving date is not set and stone, you can ask your sales representative to check if there is some cheaper date.

When do movers start charging?

Again something that depends on a moving company. Most of the local movers start charging once the actual move starts while some others might charge for the time they need to get to your location and go back. No matter what the case is, you should be aware of the price, way of payment and options that you have before the moving date.