10 Tips For Hiring Professional Movers

Whether you are going to carry out your studies in another state, because your workplace has changed or because you simply want to change your address, it means that you have to move your belongings. In these, there will be valuable objects that you will surely want to arrive safely at their new destination. Because we know how important your belongings are to you, it is important that you go to experts in the field and that you make sure that the company you are hiring is really serious and professional.

Today it is no secret that there are companies that are dedicated to scamming. The most common means by which it happens is when contracting over the Internet. In addition, at this time we are so used to looking for any type of information and service on the web. However, not all of them are honest and it turns out that we hire companies that are fraudulent and that not only steal your advance payment for the moving service but also take away your most precious belongings.

To avoid being fooled by shell companies, here are 10 tips to follow before hiring a moving company. Pay close attention to the following, since in this way you protect part of your assets, and your move will turn out as you wish: without setbacks.

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1. Ask family and friends for recommendations

The recommendations of family members, and friends whose opinions we value, can greatly influence the final decision. They will be able to suggest a moving company they had a good experience with, and they can also have ideas about moving companies to avoid.

If a specific company is recommended to us, we can dig deeper with these questions to get more details:

  •  What did you like about the moving company?
  • What was the determining factor in your decision to choose that company?
  • What services did you request from the moving company?
  • Were there any inconveniences in the moving process?
  • Would they use this moving company again?

These are all helpful questions to help create a complete picture of your experience from start to finish.

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2. Confirm that they are a moving company, not a moving broker

To find a moving company that we can truly trust, it is important to confirm that we are agreeing with a real moving company, not a broker. A moving broker is not licensed to transport property. Rather, they book the move and then hire a shipping or parcel company, in turn, at the lowest price they can find.

There is an inherently greater risk when working with a moving broker, the riskiest factor being the inability to choose the company that will transport our possessions. It will also be difficult to assign responsibility to either party in the event of damage or loss, as both the broker and the mover usually point to each other.

Finally, a broker’s cost estimates can be inaccurate since they are handled over the phone, the real cost being many times considerably higher. Needless to say, partnering with a moving company rather than a broker ensures that we will have full confidence in the team that was personally selected.

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3. Get personal and reliable estimates and quotes

Once you have a list of several potential moving companies, you should contact them to get a quote. You must obtain written and signed quotes from the companies you are considering.

This way there will be no later disagreements about the terms of your agreement. Ask for a quote from at least three different companies to be able to compare services and prices. Budgets should be free.

If a mover you are considering refuses to give you an in-home quote, stating that it can provide an accurate quote over the phone or online, choose another mover.

Moving consultants are trained to identify any problems with ladders, low tree limbs, or other obstacles, and can provide a more accurate estimate of your total weight through visual inspection. 

After agreeing to hire, request that everything be recorded through a contract. The document should describe what was agreed upon, such as the value of the service, deadlines, etc.

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4. Inquire about possible additional fees

Nobody likes surprises on their move-in day, so be sure to ask about any possible additional fees, based on services that we have required, that could be added to the final bill. If we deal with professionals, they will always make the conditions of each service clear to us and there will be no surprises.

It cannot be denied that price is a key factor in making a decision, but you should also consider what additional services you get in return? Is the packaging included in the cost? What about the disassembly and handling of furniture large? How much does it cost to purchase insurance and what does it entail? Ideally, you should make your selection based on complete estimates that include all the corresponding services and fees.

As you can see, finding a reputable moving company requires a bit of research, but the payoff can be well worth it.

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5. Experience is very important

If we want to be 100% correct with the choice of the moving company with which we are going to work, it is essential to pay attention to two factors as important as professionalism and experience. It has to be a moving company that has years of experience in the sector and in carrying out this type of work, which will show that they are experts in the field who know perfectly how to deal with each type of move in particular, and to carry out the process in the most optimal, fast and efficient way possible.

In such a way that they will be able to offer personalized solutions for each client so that they can obtain service of the highest possible quality. A factor that, together with the professionalism of its operators and the fact that they do things well during the first moment of the move, can turn these professionals into a company that is very worth counting on. A dedication to the work is essential when it comes to ensuring that the entire transfer process is carried out without any problem and without missing a single detail that could spoil or impair the quality of all the work.

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6. Don’t just look for a low price

Removals demand a lot of effort, physical and mental, because of this some people do not search for the right company properly. The consequence of this is to hire the cheapest one, but when it comes to moving companies there is a big difference between price and quality.

When looking for moving companies, don’t just think about the price, but about the quality of the service, as this directly reflects on the equipment that will be used by the contracted company, the size of the available fleet, training of the team of assemblers and shippers.

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7. Visit the moving company

Try to stop by their workshops for a visit. A reliable moving company must have a physical address from which to provide the opportunity and you can analyze the services it offers. Avoid leaving yourself with options that do not include a commercial address, as it may be difficult to locate them in case a problem arises. It’s easy for any company to ignore your calls, but it’s not easy to ignore a dissatisfied customer who visits your workshop to talk face to face.

In addition, how a company presents itself in the real world is just as important as its presence online. When you are there, check the lobby (if it is organized, clean), check if the employees are friendly or distant and if the transport vehicles are in good condition.

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8. Check for reviews

The revisions of other users of the services of change are also important because it is beneficial to check what the internet has to decide on the subject. Read the reviews published in the profiles of the companies and it’s not too bad that you look for the questions in the results. A company of good reputation changes must have a satisfactory qualification backed by a history of response and resolution of any kind.

To maintain the relevance of your investigation, order the reviews to show the most recent ones. A comment from the past few years has probably not been as useful as a comment from the past few months. Also, be careful to compare the positive and negative reviews. It is expected that most companies, especially the big ones, will have a couple of negative reviews, but don’t give them too much weight in your decision.

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9. Manage all procedures

To achieve a first-rate move, in which everything flows properly, the company in charge must be capable of good management and organization from the first moment the client contacts them. This implies studying in detail each particular moving situation and seeing what measures will be necessary to take to carry out the process with the greatest efficiency, based on key aspects such as the volume of belongings to be moved, weight or height of the same, if they are going to be able to be taken out through the door of the house or will it be necessary to use the window, and so on.

For example, a good moving company needs to be able to have tools and accessories to help facilitate some of the more complicated moving processes, such as elevators. But also, during this management, the company must be able to offer users the possibility of packing all the furniture themselves, so that it is more economical, or that they can count on the maximum guarantees of safety, security, and protection during transport. Without forgetting that they can also assemble and disassemble them so that the entire moving process is even much easier.

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10. Avoid moving companies with a name switch

Some companies avoid being evaluated by the Better Business Bureau by doing business under a variety of names. Make sure the company has a local address and information on licenses and insurance. Your employees must answer the phone with the full name of the company.

Find out if there are other names the company “does business” under, as well as their state and federal license numbers. Look online to see if there are any complaints about the company. For more information on the company’s history, call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s consumer complaint hotline.

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As we have seen, hiring professional movers is not a simple process as it seems to be if you don’t know anything about moving. But with these 10 tips, it should be much easier. 

While it may seem like obvious advice, it is one of the most important. Always thoroughly research every moving company you are considering. You need to know who they are if you are going to entrust them with your possessions.

Check if it is a new or established company. Is it easy to find company information or is trying to find it like looking for a needle in a haystack? The expectation is that the more established a company is, the more information you can find online (its website, its social networks, and more).

When hiring first class movers, remember..

With this list in hand, do not forget to check in advance if the company is duly registered and that it complies with current legal and governmental regulations. Imagine that you hire a transport whose driver does not have the documents in order and is detained, for this reason, putting your belongings at risk. Another aspect that measures the seriousness of the company is the level of formality. If an establishment is unable to send you all the information in writing, you should be alert, as misunderstandings arise from oral agreements later. 

By signing a contract you will get rid of many troubles. In general, they specify the data of the company and the contractor, the start and end date on which the move is expected to be carried out, the detailed inventory of the goods, the transfer route, and the amount of the disbursement.

In short, always check the quality concerning the rates, and together with the other suggestions that we have given you. In this way, you will choose the most suitable moving company.