Moving Locally – Top 10 Moving Tips

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Once you decide to move locally in Sacramento, there are a couple of things you should do beforehand. Some of these helpful tips and tricks we’ve gathered here will make sure you have the best move possible.

Setting the budget

Well, this might be the most difficult part. It is time to talk about money. Let’s start from the beginning. You decided you will have a professional moving company to relocate you. Now are they gonna pack you as well? Is this something to think about, or you decided to pack on your own? Once you determine what your budget is, you can start searching for the best moving company that fits your budget.

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It’s research time!

We are going to start from basics here. You have decided on your budget and that you want a professional moving company to move you. Next step is to type local movers near me to get the best results. If you are looking for the best local moving company that fits your needs you will need to dial a few numbers. Make sure to check the company’s website and their reviews on GMB. Best thing you can get are testimonials from clients about the service from their reviews.

Things to look after

Well, moving is a notorious business so there is some information you need to have. Think about the way the moving company base their price- Is it per hour or flat rate? Using a moving company that is hourly based can save you some money, since you are in full control of how long the move will take since it will depend on your preparation and agility. In addition, the way you know your agent is experienced is that they provide you options about the number of movers they recommend. Finally, the most important thing is to ask if there are any additional charges, fees, tax, credit card fees and similar. You do not want any surprise on the date of the move.

Things to look after, moving locally

In order to know the company is legit, ask for the quote over the email.
You want to be aware of all possible things to secure your stress-free move.

Let’s book now!

Now, you probably know who you will choose for you local movers and packers of choice. As soon as you decide, contact the company and lock in the date. Moving companies are usually short on availability so have a sense of urgency regarding this. Once more, get it in writing- agreement, email confirmation – anything.

Purge and prep

Well, now we come to the fun part. Preparation. You need to start preparation on time. Now is the best time to go through your items and get rid of some items that you do not need. You can donate or organize a garage sale for all of the unwanted items.


Well, here we come to the best and worst part.
If you chose for a moving company to pack you and move you – SKIP THIS STEP.
However if you are packing by yourself, make sure to get rid of unwanted items first. Then order some boxes. You should get china boxes, medium, small, book boxes and so on.
The most important thing here is to plan out the packing. Try using room by room approach. Pack the things you don’t use every day first and then leave only ones that you will need til the date of move.

Moving boxes in new house.

A day prior

Well, we are so close to the move date. Literally a day away. Make sure to pack a goodie bag. Snacks, water, toilet paper even, things you will need to go through the day. Also, get a handyman to disconnect your appliances since most moving companies are not allowed to do so due to liability. Also, defreeze your freezer and make sure to move the food and flammables prior to the move. This should also be the last day of your packing process.

Day of the move

Depending on your arrival window, make sure you are awake at least an hour prior. Get some coffee, water and breakfast. Get some water for the movers too. They will need you to lead them through the house so you will be their coordinator at the beginning. Once they finish with disassembling and start driving to the delivery, make sure to be at the destination before them. You will need to tell them what goes where.

Moving truck

A moment after the move

Sit back and relax. Now, don’t unpack immediately after the move. Have a rest and do it tomorrow. You can enjoy decorating the new home fully rested. Make sure to have a good night’s sleep and your life will be a lot easier tomorrow morning.

So if you are interested in the best local moving services in Sacramento, we are only a phone call away.

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