Flat Rate Movers or Movers By The Hour?

Thinking about moving locally? What a nice thought, to turn the page and start the new chapter of your life and enjoy exploring new places, learning new things and meeting new people. Hourly movers from Top Sacramento Moving Company know just how precious this image is, since we witnessed so many happy moments of people coming to their new homes and starting their new lives.

However, just thinking about your local move and actually making sure that you have chosen the right destination, found the best place for you and your family, explored your options well and chosen suitable professional movers, etc. is a whole other story.

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Did you know that moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life? 

If you have moved before, our packers and movers are sure you have already experienced this kind of pressure. There are so many decisions to make and steps to take in order to make sure that your move will be successful. If you find yourself in a loop of constantly thinking that you are doing something wrong and missing something, take a look at Complete Guide to Moving Locally – Top 10 Moving Tips that our hourly movers made for all of you who find themselves stressed out about their future relocation.

However, some decisions are more important than others and today we want to focus on one of them. Have you already decided that you want to hire some affordable movers to handle your move or you are still figuring out whether you should ask for help from professional movers or move on your own? Are you still not sure about the kind of services that professional movers can provide you with?

If this is the case, we also have something to help you out and give you an idea of what you can hire packers and movers to do for you, and you can take a look at it here. Last but not least, do you know what the difference between flat rate movers and hourly movers is and which option you should choose? 

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Today, we have chosen to discuss this topic and help you make the right decision.

We know that you might be confused since not only that there are so many kinds of services that you need to choose from, but now you also have to think about whether flat rate movers or hourly movers are a better choice, but don’t worry. That is why we are here to clear things out. Let’s first make a difference between who the flat rate movers and hourly movers are.

Who are flat rate movers and how do they handle your relocation?

Flat rate movers are professional movers who usually handle long distance moves and rarely local moves. Flat rate movers operate with a prearranged payment. It means that as soon as you start negotiating with your professional movers, they will send a person to your home to do the estimate and make an evaluation of everything that needs to be done, as well as the time and cost of your move. The individual surveys your belongings to figure out an estimated weight and value of the items being moved. 

The distance of the mover and layout of the environment where the move takes place plays roles as well. This agreement establishes that you pay a single rate upfront and it guarantees that your rate won’t be higher than the estimate made. Flat rate movers will work hard to hold up their end of the deal, making the most of your contract. However, when it comes to local moves, it is hardly affordable to choose this option and later we will discuss all the reasons why. 

Who are hourly movers and how do they handle your relocation?

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As we have already mentioned, hourly movers are usually hired when you are dealing with local moves. The majority of professional movers you will encounter charge by the hour, especially with local moves. There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to the prices of hourly movers and they typically vary from one state to the next, and the time of the month, week, and even day. Billing generally begins upon arrival to your home and ends when the move is complete.

Hourly rate typically includes drive time, so keep this in mind when you schedule your move during morning rush hour traffic, as well as the moving season. Hourly movers are pretty convenient when it comes to local moves, especially if you play it smart and think about when you are going to move. If you try to avoid the moving season and weekends, the price of your move can be significantly lower.

When it comes to long distance moves, on the other hand, choosing hourly movers might be less convenient since there are many things that you cannot predict along the way so your price can go much higher compared to what you have expected. 

What are the pros and cons of hiring flat rate professional movers?

Since we learned about who flat rate movers are, it would be a good time to discuss what the pros and cons of hiring packers and movers who charge by flat rate are. 



Having all the information right away

Of course, the first benefit of hiring flat rate packers and movers is that you will know all the details straight away. Once you schedule a meeting with your professional movers, they will set up the time that is convenient for you to come to your home or do a virtual home estimate. After this, they will come up with the price and you will have all the numbers and details ready to make a calculation and plan your budget. 

Not having to worry about the safety of your belongings

Since your professional movers are probably hired for the day, they can take as much time as they need to handle your relocation and make sure that every one of your items is packed and moves safely. This is the main goal of your relocation, which is why people think that choosing flat rate professional movers is a good option for them. 

You don’t have to worry about any unpredictable circumstances

This is why flat rate movers are usually hired for long distance moves, since many things can happen along the way that can affect the actual duration of your move, and therefore, make it more expensive. When it comes to local moves, this is not so likely, since your professional movers will be able to predict almost every possible scenario and come up with a solution. However, long distance moves are much more complicated to have control over. 


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Higher price

When you choose flat rate professional movers to handle your relocation, you are choosing to pay the higher price, especially when it comes to moving locally. It is simply because they will make sure that every one of your belongings count and they will take all the details into consideration to make their professional movers get as much as possible from this relocation, since they will be investing a lot of time and energy into it.

Even though you think that once you get your costs estimated, it is what it is, it is rarely the case. Many companies that offer you services of flat rate moving will come with a whole bunch of hidden fees that you will find out about on the day of moving. 

Bad traffic, hazardous weather, small elevators, or tight spaces can mean extra charges, but also last-minute items not included in the original quote could mean extra fees, too. That is why you need to be careful when hiring packers and movers and not forget to ask about extra fees before you decide that flat rate movers are the best choice for you.

Less efficiency

Since we mentioned that hiring flat rate packers and movers means they will be more careful and thorough during the process, it is also the fact that they will probably take more time to do the job and therefore, make your move a little less efficient and quick. Some people don’t mind this, but usually we all want to get our moving over with as soon as possible, so we won’t be particularly thrilled to spend the whole day on moving when it could have been just a few hours instead.

What are the pros and cons of hiring hourly professional movers?

Now when we know everything we need to know about flat rate professional movers, let’s learn about the good and bad sides of hiring hourly movers. 



Hourly movers are more affordable movers

We know that with so many expenses you have to undertake, saving money is a pretty big advantage when it comes to making a choice to hire hourly movers. You pay for the actual time and materials used and there is no way to charge any extra fees. Even though they will also provide you with an estimate, hourly movers in most cases finish faster than predicted and you end up paying less than you originally expected, which is great.

Planning process is more simple

When you make a decision to hire hourly movers, they will quickly start planning your relocation. First, they will probably do an online estimate and provide you with a free moving quote, so you have an idea of the costs of your move. After that, they will plan the whole process and come to your home on a moving day ready to get your moving done with as quickly and simply as possible.

Efficient and quick

Since your hourly movers are paid by the hour, it means that they know how much every minute of their time is valuable to you and they will try to make the best out of it. Also, they know that every minute they save, they can use it to make more relocations during the day which is a lot better than spending the whole day doing only one relocation.

Don’t be worried that hourly movers won’t pay attention to your belongings just because they are working quickly, because they are experienced and skilled professionals who have done this many times and probably can do it with their eyes closed.


Chance to get tricked is higher

If you don’t spend enough time exploring your hourly movers and you hire packers and movers who are not professional, they might take longer on purpose in order to get more money from you. However, nowadays it is very easy to check online the hourly movers that you want to hire that this rarely ever happens. 

Unpredictable circumstances

One more scenario that doesn’t happen very often, but still, we have to warn you about it is that there is some accident along the way or some similar scenario where your hourly movers get stuck in the traffic and take much longer than originally planned to execute your move. This is why hourly movers are usually hired for local moves, because in these cases they can predict and come up with a solution for every scenario. 

Still in doubt? Get in touch with Top Sacramento Moving Company now and ask us anything you want to know. We are looking forward to hearing from you!